Timeline / Deadlines

Events and Deadlines

Reply Briefs 02/12/13
Post-Hearing Briefs 02/05/13
Technical Hearing 01/23/13
All parties file list of cross-examination exhibits and estimated time necessary for cross examination of each witness 01/16/13
All parties file rebuttal testimony and exhibits 01/10/13
Responses to discovery requests 12/19/12
Discovery served on Seneca by all other parties and Discovery served on other parties by Seneca 12/05/12
Other parties file testimony and exhibits (case-in-chief 11/21/12
Seneca files testimony and exhibits (case-in-chief) 11/14/12
Responses to discovery requests 11/07/12
Discovery served on Seneca by new intervenors 10/31/12
Status Conference (9:30 AM, Montpelier) 10/18/12
Comments on Applicability of Newark Town Plan 10/17/12
Deadline for Proposed Schedules 10/12/12
Responses to Motions to Intervene 10/01/12
Deadline for Newly-Notified Adjoiners to Intervene 09/24/12
Target For Proposal for Decision* 09/17/12
Reply Briefs Deadline* 09/10/12
Initial Briefs Deadline* 09/04/12
Technical Hearing* 08/27/12
Deadline for Parties to Submit Pre-filed Testimony* 08/20/12
Response to Discovery by Seneca 08/13/12
Parties Serve Discovery on Seneca 08/06/12

*Events canceled due to the PSB’s August 15 stay order